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About Me 

Kat is a British artist, recognisable for her unique style. She was born in Moscow where her British father was working as a senior finance executive for a major telecommunications company, her Russian mother was one of the founders and directors of a language school in Moscow. Kat creates her artworks in a home studio based in Nottinghamshire. Her artworks have been displayed in London, Surrey and Nottingham galleries and her artworks have been acquired by collectors based in various countries including UK, France, Italy, Russia and Malta. 
Unlike many artists who are often told to get a ‘real’ job, Kat for many years had what can only be described as a ‘real’ and not a particularly creative job, this experience nevertheless contributed to her art.  
Having graduated with an honours degree in law from the University of Leicester she later qualified as a chartered accountant. For a few years she worked as a finance manager for NHS and later worked part time helping out a family accounting practice. ‘Whilst for a significant part of my life I worked and still work as a finance professional my ‘real’ dream role in life has always been one of an artist. I painted all my life, ever since I was able to hold a brush and a pencil! I consider myself to be an incredibly lucky person, I love art but I also love my finance roles, especially when the people aspect is involved. I draw inspiration from many things, quite unexpectedly my accounting background has always been one of those areas where I can draw inspiration from, even though it might not be obvious at first glance.  
This background has equipped me with certain skills that I believe are also handy whenever I am creating a lot of my artworks, whether this is related to the ideas and concepts that I like to paint or to the approach that I have to completing my artworks, especially commissions for my clients. Whilst some of my artworks are almost minimalist I value attention to detail, both in the quality of finish, choice of premium quality materials and understanding of customer requirements’. 

The artists that Kat admires most include Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Fabian Perez, Jack Vettriano and Tamara de Lempicka. 

‘These are some of my favourite artists, there are of course many more amazing artists that I like. I love the unique storytelling ability of Pablo Picasso, his brave and constantly evolving throughout his life painting style. I love Dali’s ability to create reality from his dreams and subconscious thoughts, his immense creativity. Both Fabian Perez and Jack Vettriano are true masters of sensual paintings, instantly recognisable and unique in their style. Tamara De Lempicka for me is a master of creating beautiful, bold lines and strong sense of form’. A special place in the list of my favorite artists is given to my first art teacher, the wonderful Russian artist Igor Ivanovich Omelchenko. 

Kat believes in creating a story with her paintings, for her very often creating artworks is the only way she feels that she can tell a story. 

Kat prefers to create acrylic and oil paintings although occasionally she uses watercolour and mixed media. Kat’s paintings are often inspired by beautiful people, places, cars, flowers and quotes in particular from her favourite books. Kat’s own favourite paintings include her ‘character’ ‘Little Black Hat’, she is often a beautiful nude or semi nude woman portrayed with an object of ‘luxury, e.g. luxury car and she is there to tell her story and to ‘share this moment of luxury with the viewer of the painting'. Kat also enjoys creating commissions for her clients which is often an opportunity to give an artistic interpretation to her customer’s story rather than her own. 
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